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Russian gifts

gaily nested dolls at date of a birth

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 gaily nested dolls

The portrait of the boss of joint Russian German firm is executed on gaily to a nested doll from a tree of a linden in height of 35 centimeters, it is made by the master on a photo client-the man it is represented on a background Cathedrals of the Moscow Kremlin
The nested doll simultaneously is a case for a bottle wine-, September, 2009

The present Russian portraits on wooden Russian nested dolls made to order on photos of the customer

Portraits are executed by the known Moscow artist the portraitist in style a list on a tree on photos of the customer on usual Russian nested dolls from a tree a linden, covered by a matte varnish

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And to choose style of the nested doll which have liked to you or to think up the style - registration of ready work, we we can draw our heroes in any аплуа-кисточи and paints allow to make it, drawn can be wars, emperors, tsars, boyars, princesses or simple bookkeepers and financiers)))))))
Decide what be necessary to you height matrioshka-nested dolls of 25 20 sm up to meter and even above can from standard height, be defined with terms and pick up photos of the friends for it paint-is desirable pick up a photo where your friends or colleagues or relatives smile-the nested doll loves smiles)))).
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I live and I work in city to capital of the world Moscow, washing the workshop is located in silent area Moskvy-not far from the center, on the underground of the Dynamo or underground Savelovskaja (as to you is closer), my phone

+7 903 598 35 00 Grigory

Gaily nested dolls, wide experience of work, qualitatively and always in time)))))))