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a nested doll Moscow

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 a nested doll Moscow

On the given wooden Russian nested doll from one Dolls in height of 25 sm, the boss of a large firm in clothes of Russian boyar on a background of Moscow and cathedrals of the Moscow Kremlin is drawn. I draw with pleasure Moscow on nested dolls, on this nested doll on its underside you see architecture of center Москвы-as always cathedrals of the Moscow Kremlin, Monuments of capital, cathedral of the Christ of the savior. Usually купла I do gold-it is my style, in this case has executed all paints. Now Moscow I draw on обратнй to the party of portrait nested dolls more often. It is an original nested doll Moscow

The present Russian portraits on wooden Russian nested dolls made to order on photos of the customer

Portraits are executed by the known Moscow artist the portraitist in style a list on a tree on photos of the customer on usual Russian nested dolls from a tree a linden, covered by a matte varnish

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And to choose style of the nested doll which have liked to you or to think up the style - registration of ready work, we we can draw our heroes in any role-brush and paints allow to make it, drawn can be wars, emperors, tsars, boyars, princesses or simple bookkeepers and financiers)))))))
Decide what be necessary to you height матрешек-nested dolls of 25 20 sm up to meter and even above can from standard height, be defined with terms and pick up photos of the friends for it paint-is desirable pick up a photo where your friends or colleagues or relatives smile-the nested doll loves smiles)))).

I live and I work in city to capital of the world Moscow, washing the workshop is located in silent area Moskvy-not far from the center, on the underground of the Dynamo or underground Savelovskaja (as to you is closer), my phone

+7 903 598 35 00 Grigory

Nested doll Moscow, wide experience of work, qualitatively and always in time)))))))